Specializing In Dog Training Teaching You to have a Fun, Functional Relationship with your Dog.

​Overcoming problems such as: Jumping Up, Not Coming when Called, Chewing Resource Guarding, House Training and Others 

Animal Stars Dog Training Center Programs :

Centers In :  Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa

A complete Program Design with Dog Training, Socialization, Behavior Modification.  

Kathy Sidjakov is a professional with work experience of various breeds and animals to high levels of training. Hollywood Animal Trainer, AKC Competition Dog Trainer

Kathy is now  Pairing with the American Kennel Club as an Official AKC Evaluator and Trainer we will be offering The Canine Good Citizen Courses for your dog.

 A full indoor and outdoor training facility.  

* Private Lessons *Group Classes *In House Training and Socializing *Agility

We also offer in home training sessions as well as to not overwhelm you or your dog.

Beautiful Agility Course, Open now, sign up now.  Splash Pool

Dog Training

Teaching You to be An Animal Teacher

​Join Us with our amazing and Dog Training  Located in:

Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and C

A​nimal Teacher

  (Known as Communicator, Whisper, Talker, or Caller)

​Being an Animal Teacher is One who can bridge the gap of communication and understanding .  Each species has their own spirit, soul, a complex communication of body language, blood circulation, energy fields, scents, emotions, experiences and thoughts.

With Mutual respect, kindness, gentleness, patience, love and a bond of trust,

true connection and friendship can be nurtured.

As an Animal Teacher of higher education I can equip you to teach through fun, positive, games, cognitive thinking exercises, and movements. You can become an Animal Teacher with Animals  who want to learn.
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Please feel free to contact me with any questions!!  

Thank You, Kathy and her Animal Friends

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Animal Stars Training in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, and Sebastopol.

Animal Teacher, Kathy Blanquie Sidjakov has been working with animals for over 20 years.  Serving the Bay Area She has taught animals to high levels of behaviors with over 30 feature films, thousands of commercials and photo shoots.  She works with motivating animals to wanting to learn with the belief that animals are highly intelligent and sensitive.  

KathySidjakov@yahoo.com          707-280-3327

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