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Join Us And Experience The Joy!!

Serving Sonoma County

Kathy Sidjakov, Training Director

Over 25 years of Experience and Professional Training in Behavior Modification, Clicker Training, Tricks, Attack Dogs,

Agility, Service Dog Training and more...

Some call Kathy the dog whisperer, horse whisperer,  She like what the Native Americans called her an Animal Caller.

Pet Training, Dog Training, Horse Training, Bird Training, Cat Training.

Reasonable Prices and Amazing Training Facilities, Day Care, Board, and more...

30 feature Films, see Robyn Williams

bio, movie posters

Kathy Sidjakov, Pet Trainer, Behaviorist,

AKC Evaluator, Hollywood Trainer L399

Graduate of Dr. Ian Dunbars School, Diane Bowman

25 years of teaching experience 30 feature films, thousands of commercials and photo Shoots

My Animal Training (teaching) started in my life story of growing up right here in our Bay Area. I grew up roaming the hills of San Anselmo in Marin County with my four brothers, one sister and our Alaskan Malamute, Lighting.  I was a true wild child, enjoying the freedom and joy that comes from forging a deep connection with the natural world and its creatures.  The local hills became my home and the animals my family.

With a natural ability with animals at an early age I would describe myself as an Animal Nut.  Always wanting to be with them and study them.

In my 20's I started training dogs for the deaf and handicapped. I studied with the top obedience trainers in California.

I competed at a Dog World Level training the general public.  It was there that I studied with dog physiologist and learned about modifying unwanted behaviors. 

Like a Hollywood story, I was discovered by an Agent.  Shortly after I started Animal Stars and went on to train 30 feature films, thousands of commercials and photo shoots

I owned my own 50 to 100 Animals with usually 25 In house dogs.  Having the privilege of owning all types, breeds training them to advanced off leash control. 

My experience in various disciplines included:  Behavior Modification, Obedience, Schutzhound, Service Dogs, Trick Training and some Tracking skills.  

I believe in positive training techniques with a fun simple program that I have developed. If we train a dog to jump up (hug/ off) they will understand what we want and do it as a taught response.   Rather than say, never bark for instance teach speak on command and quiet on command.  

These skills served me well when on a Francis Ford Coppola Film, I was asked by fellow Hollywood Animal Trainers to join them with the Teamsters Union. One of the most highly recognized training organizations in the world.  You can only become one by being sponsored by others.

Today I am privilege to have 3 Indoor Facilities, Agility Course, Splash Pool, and many other amenities. We custom design a program to fit  you and your dog.  We are budget conscious and will work with.  We offer groups, privates and in house training programs.  

Currently offering Private, Group, and Specialty Dog Training Classes in the Bay Area

Call Us Today For a Free Evaluation.  We look forward to seeing you and your dog's partnership grow.


Kathy Blanquie-Sidjakov

Many of you want to know some of the Films I have worked on so here you go.Movie Credits: No Where To Run,

Joy Luck Club, Being Human, Flubber, Getting Even with Dad, Firestorm, Total Recall, Class Action, Flatliners

Dying Young, The Doors, Made In America, So, I married an ax murder, Willow, Tucker, Indian Jones, Last Crusade Sneakers,  Sweet November, 40 Days 40 Nights, Bicentennial Man, Christmas In the Clouds.  Live Performances *War and Peace*Suor Anelica*Das Verratene Meer*Annie TV Sieres *Midnight Caller    *Wolf  *Nash Bridges Trick Horse 


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